For many years we searched for the perfect vineyard to create wines our forebears would be proud of today. We wanted a place that was relatively isolated so we could realise our goal of viticulture and wine making along biodynamic and organic practices. We love the idea of maintaining tradition, but with a modern twist! We first discovered the vineyard in 2008 and instantly knew it was exceptional, but it wasn't to be at that time and we missed out. We focused on enjoying those first crucial years with our two gorgeous boys and kept searching for another place that would compare, but it didn't seem to exist. In 2011 fate stepped in again, gave us another opportunity and here we are today!

Joe's Story:I was raised amongst my parents' vineyard. As Italian migrants of the 50's, they worked tirelessly to develop a dry and dusty 50 acre parcel of red Mallee land into a thriving vineyard and family estate. At the age of seventeen I decided to follow in my parents' footsteps working in the vineyard and studied viticulture and wine making. I then pursued a professional career in financial management and commerce with a long term view to combine both skills. After our sons Samuel and Benjamin came along in 2003 and 2006, it was time to get back to basics and provide the boys with an opportunity to appreciate the beauty, ferocity and wonder of mother nature, and learn to appreciate the value of hard work! Cindy's Story:A suburban backyard was about as close to nature as I could get growing up, until we moved to a small farmlet in my teenage years. Despite this there was always a veggie patch, along with an assortment of stray, injured or orphaned animals that always seemed to find me. I met Joe in my summer holiday job whilst studying nursing and when he offered his family's back paddock to accommodate my one-eyed horse, I knew he was special!For me the vineyard and its surrounds provide the perfect opportunity to add to the tapestry of family tradition through our own exploration of the art and science of viticulture and wine making. Our Story:We love to share the vineyard with family and friends and in doing so add to the wonderful weave of cameraderie, joy, laughter and peace that emanates from this amazing place.As time goes by we look forward to further integrating both viticultural and business practices that support our philosophy of minimal intervention and of giving back to the earth and to the causes and charities we support from a social justice perspective. Both Samuel and Benji are already contributing to the work at the vineyard and winery and have developed a deep appreciation and respect for the natural environment. We believe this is such an important experience that sets the foundation for their lives ahead.We look forward to sharing our wines with the intention that you too can appreciate the unique expression of terroir in each vintage. Every stage in the process is a true family collaboration through the generations and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we enjoy making it!

Vineyard supervisor George Costanzo